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Astrophotography Gallery

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NameDate TakenCommentPictureNameDate TakenCommentPicture
M-130 AUG 2019M-1 M-27 OCT 2016redo with barlowM-2
M-321 MAR 2018redo with barlowM-3 M-420 SEP 2019M-4
M-518 JUN 2018M-5
M-73 JUL 2018M-7 M-81 JUL 2018M-8
M-102 JUL 2018M-10
M-117 OCT 2016M-11 M-122 JUL 2018M-12
M-1329 SEP 2016M-13 M-1418 JUN 2018M-14
M-1529 SEP 2016Pegasus ClusterM-15
M-1719 SEP 2019M-17 M-1828 SEP 2016M-18
M-2120 SEP 2019M-21
M-2320 SEP 2019M-23 M-242 JUL 2018M-24
M-252 JUL 2018M-25
M-275 AUG 2019M-27 M-2826 SEP 2019M-28
M-2923 APR 2018Cooling TowerM-29 M-3023 SEP 2019M-30
M-311 JAN 2019Andromeda GalaxyM-29 M-325 AUG 2019M-32
M-3312 OCT 2018Triangulum GalaxyM33 M-345 AUG 2019M-34
M-3518 FEB 2019M-35
M-3920 OCT 2016M-39 M-4022 OCT 2016M-40
M-42 4 DEC 2018M-42
M-4330 NOV 2019M-43
M-457 DEC 2018M-45
M-4814 MAR 2019M-48
M-4920 JUN 2018M-49 M-5013 MAR 2019M-50
M-5120 APR 2018M-51-2 M-5220 JUN 2018Salt and Pepper ClusterM-52
M-562 JUL 2018M-56
M-5728 SEP 2016Ring NebulaM-57
M-639 MAR 2019Sunflower GalaxyM-63
M-6726 MAR 2019M-67
M-7122 SEP 2016Angelfish ClusterM-71 M-7221 SEP 2019M-72
M-7322 SEP 2016redoM-73 M-745 AUG 2018M-74
M-762 JUL 2019M-76
M-784 DEC 2018M-78
M-8117 MAR 2019M-81 M-8228 MAR 2019M-82
M-9225 SEP 2016M-92
M-9427 MAR 2019M-94
M-10121 APR 2018M-101 M-10215 MAR 2019M-102
M-1037 SEP 2019M-103
M-10927 MAR 2019M-109M-11030 AUG 2019M-110
Mizar18 APR 2018Mizar
MOON-100%14 OCT 2019Moon 100% Moon-09%15 OCT 2019Moon 98%
NGC-12923 OCT 2019NGC-129 NGC-246
SKULL Nebula
4 DEC 2018NGC-246
NGC-28115 MAR 2019NGC-457 NGC-457
Owl Cluster
27 JUL 2016NGC-457
NGC-60430 DEC 2018NGC-604 NGC-77223 OCT 2019NGC-772
NGC-819 2 JUL 2018NGC-819 NGC-8695 OCT 201860 - 1 minute exposures
No guiding
NGC-886 5 OCT 2018NGC-886 NGC-89130 OCT 2018NGC-891
NGC-89630 OCT 201890 - 1 minute exposures
No guiding
NGC-143230 NOV 2019NGC-1432
NGC-143514 OCT 201860 - 1 minute exposures
No guiding
NGC-1435 NGC-149117 OCT 2018NGC-1491
NGC-149931 OCT 2018NGC-1499 NGC-151431 DEC 2018NGC-1514
NGC-15458 SEP 2019NGC-1545 NGC-174630 AUG 2019NGC-1746
NGC-19774 DEC 201860 - 1 minute exposures
No guiding
NGC-1977 NGC-19996 MAR 2019NGC-1999
NGC-202230 DEC 2018NGC-2022 NGC-20248 DEC 201860 - 1 minute exposures
No guiding
NGC-21745 MAR 2019NGC-2174 NGC-217530 NOV 2019NGC-2175
NGC-23715 MAR 2019NGC-2371 NGC-44245 MAR 2019NGC-4424
NGC-46565 MAR 2019NGC-4656 NGC-52485 MAR 2019NGC-5248
NGC-62102 JUL 2018NGC-6210 NGC-65432 JUL 2018NGC-6543
NGC-676523 OCT 2019NGC-6765 NGC-68118 JUL 2018NGC-6811
NGC-682425 SEP 2016NGC-6824 NGC-687125 SEP 2016NGC-6871
NGC-688820 JUL 2018NGC-6888 NGC-693925 SEP 2019NGC-6939
NGC-699230 JUN 2018Veil NebulaNGC-6992 NGC-700017 SEP 2019NGC-7000
NGC-70116 OCT 2018NGC-7011 NGC-7023 1 MAR 2019NGC-7023
NGC-702725 SEP 2019NGC-7027 NGC-720925 SEP 2019NGC-7209
NGC-7331 2 JUL 2018NGC-7331 NGC-735415 OCT 2019NGC-7354
NGC-738025 SEP 2019NGC-7380 NGC-7635 1 JUL 2018Bubble NebulaNGC-7635
NGC-766214 OCT 2016Blue Snowball NebulaNGC-7662 NGC-7686 1 JUL 2018NGC-7686
NGC-778913 JUL 2018NGC-7789
IC5914 OCT 2018IC59 IC139123 OCT 2019IC1391
IC139517 JUN 2018IC1395 IC13964 JUN 2018IC1396
IC161312 DEC 2018IC1613 IC180523 OCT 2018IC1805
IC18486 AUG 2018IC1848 IC199530 NOV 2019IC1995
IC216230 NOV 2010IC2162 IC466528 FEB 2019IC4665
IC47562 MAY 2019IC4756 IC514618 JAN 2019IC5146

Barndoor Tracker Pictures

16h50 47°25'12 MAY 201859-1minute exposuressky 16h50_47-25
Milky Way20 SEP 201960-1minute exposuresMilky Way #2