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McLean Research Associates is dedicated to presenting little known facts about the US Navy in the Civil War, presentations on a myriad of astronomical topics,STEM workshops, and letterboxing.

In commemoration of the 155 years since the Civil War - or more appropriately in the vernacular of the day - The War of the Slaveholders' Rebellion - we are featuring a quote and picture of the day from the Naval Records

Period Picture
USS Saratoga
Mon Jan 23 1865

CMDR Henry K Thatcher, USS Colorado, writes SECNAV from Hampton Roads "I have the honor to inform the Department that I arrived at this anchorage with the Colorado to-day from off Wilmington, N. C., having sailed from there on the evening of the 17th instant.
    The work for which we went to the coast of North Carolina having been finished by a complete victory over all the defenses of Cape Fear River, with Fort Fisher in our possession, Fort Caswell and its surrounding batteries in ruins, and our gunboats in the river, there was nothing more that could be done by the large ships. I was therefore directed by Rear-Admiral Porter to proceed to Hampton Roads and report to the Department."

FO William W Hunter, CSN, Augusta GA, writes BGEN B D Fry, CSA, "Herewith is a requisition of articles absolutely needful for the efficient use of the battery at Shell Bluff from the officer in command there.
    I also respectfully submit for your persual a letter from Master James W. McCarrick, Provisional Navy C. S., the officer alluded to, asking your direction to have his command supplied with some facilities for cooking, such as mess or camp kettles, etc."

RADM Samuel P Lee, Mississippi Squadron, writes general order #33 "Officers commanding divisions and vessels will be careful to see that temporary pilots or those without regular appointments are only to be employed when the emergency requires it, and then no longer than actually necessary.
    When pilots are so employed they shall be paid by the paymasters of the vessels on which the duty is performed, on public bills approved by the commanding officer of the vessel and by the divisional officer.
    The commanding officer will certify on the face of the bill that such pilot has performed duty for the time specified, as first or second class pilot as the case may be, and that his services were necessary for the time specified."

Teachers and Educators - we have several Civil War presentations covering the US Navy throughout the Civil War which include our portable museum, Submarines, and key naval and land battles. Check out our Civil War section for more details. We also have several presentations on astronomy for all age groups

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