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Eastern Connecticut Girl Scout
Astronomy Club

One of three clubs organized in 2009 in the State of Connecticut, the ECGSAC endeavors to promote the science of Astronomy to girls and their families. We generally meet every second Friday of month throughout the year except in January and February. Weather permitting we set up telescopes and view significant events of the month and such heavenly objects as are available. The GSofCT monthly Eblast contains a brief desciption of the months viewing. If weather does not permit use of the telescopes we have a presentation using the Celestia "planetarium" program.

The club has it's own 117mm auto tracking telescope and the owner of MRA brings his own Orion 8" tube assembly on an Ioptron auto-tracking mount

The club meets at the Girl Scout camp at Camp Laurel near the infirmary 6:30-8:30 and later depending on weather and daylight.

If you are interested in attending, please bring REDflashlights. Inexpesive red LED headlamps can be obtained through major retailers which are ideal because they free up your hands for other uses. DO NOT use white lights as these will impair your vision for at least 20 minutes and affect everyone else. Be advised that young children may not be suited because of the patience required for telescope set up and viewing. Families are most welcome - even the boys!