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About Us

Company Overview

With over 40 years total experience MRA can deliver solid products.  MRA has over 30 years of professional programming and engineering experience and nine years of naval warfare experience.  This gives MRA an advantage over our competitors in that we understand Naval Warfare and Engineering systems thoroughly. A thorough background in human factors, internationalization, and a sensitivity toward impaired Internet users combined with conforming HTML and xhtml web sites mean a better web site constructed for you.

Owner's Message

We endeavor to create software that functions correctly to your specifications.  We believe in constant, open communication between our clients and us.  We firmly believe that any user interface, and especially a web interface, must be usable by the maximum number of people.  Our goal in designing web sites is to make a site easy to use, enjoyable, and functional. Our economical pricing structure and fixed rate quotes will garner the best projects for the least cost, far below our competitors in cost and far superior in quality. 

Mission Statement

MRA is dedicated to providing high quality simulations and software for entertainment and training.  We can custom code applications or go by specifications or simply use the rapid prototype paradigm.  We also create web sites that reflect the owners personality and desires - balanced with the ability for Internet users to access information easily.

Company Background

MRA was created to be lean and quick reacting to changing environments.  We can provide a better product than our competitors because we have the experience of providing complex systems and we can deliver it in a shorter time span.


Our owner has a deep interest in genealogy and, therefor, is offering to assist those needing research done in the Norwich, CT area.  His genealogy covers some 21 generations (along certain lines).

Projects Completed

  • Naval Engagement!, Underway!, Underway_Captain!, and Captain! simulation and interfaces
  • BlueSlope.com Museum and farm website
  • Girl Scouts of Connecticut - Galactic Explorer Patch workbook
  • Home Team Associates - Research into high end graphics rendering in real time
  • DownCity, LLC - Various training courses
  • Integrated Computer Solutions - Motif 2.x seminar presentation
  • Matis, Inc. - DOVA Motif GUI and Integration
  • SWENESS web site
  • Rose City Genealogy web site
  • Fold and Go web site
  • Norwich Heritage Trust, Inc. web site
  • Auto Showroom Database and web site Creation Tool
  • Auction web site and builder
  • Leone's Auctions and Auctioneers web site
  • ASPINET Construction Company web site redesign
  • Norwich Historical Society web site (original site only)
  • Clamshell Quilt Guild web site
  • ACME Retail Systems web site